Scroll distributes your membership across the different sites you visit, based on the time you spend with them. The sites you spend the most time on get a large proportion of your membership, sites serving you clickbait get almost nothing. To make sure your membership goes to the right sites, Scroll records the length of time you spend on each story. 

Everything we do is visible to you in your Reading Activity and you can hide any story there that you do not wish to see. We never sell your data. We do have to roll up that data into anonymized and aggregated reports for the sites we work with. For example,

75,000 people visited '' and spent an average of 30 seconds reading stories. 

You can learn more about this in our privacy policy

We believe that you should be the main beneficiary of your data, so as well as making sure we pay your membership to the sites you love, it also enables seamless reading – you can start a story on your laptop and switch to your phone, and we'll keep your place. 

If you’re interested in removing anything from your reading history, there are currently two options:

Funding journalism has traditionally meant chasing clicks. It’s why you see clickbait, slideshows and other garbage. Instead, Scroll built a business model for a better-built internet. It rewards the quality content you love, not clicks. Everybody wins: the reader's experience is fast and private, and the publisher makes money to keep bringing you the stories you love. 

Scroll partners with publishers to offer you an ad-free experience because we want to build a better internet that also sustainably funds the journalism essential to our democracy.

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