Yes! Scroll does not keep you from using an ad blocker, but you may need to make sure your ad blocker is not interfering with Scroll. Scroll will not affect how your ad blocker works with any sites outside of our network. If you fix your ad blocker but are still encountering issues, make sure you are using a supported browser and do not have any problematic browser settings.

Try out our debug page here to see if there's something going on with your browser configuration.


Scroll should work correctly automatically.

(If for some reason it doesn't, go to Rules > Custom > Whitelist. Tap (…) at top and add and include subdomains.)

AdBlock Plus

Scroll should work correctly, unless you have enabled "block additional tracking" in your settings. To disable, go to Settings > General > Privacy & Security and uncheck the box.

Scroll should work correctly automatically.


Scroll should work automatically. If it's not working, in Ghostery go to Settings > Essential Trackers to make sure the boxes beside the category (Essentials) as well as beside Scroll are unchecked. 

Pi Hole

Log into your Pi-hole admin page (You’ll need to know the IP or hostname of your pi-hole server):

https://<your IP address here>/admin

Then choose “Whitelist” from the navigation bar:

Then you’ll need to add the following domains to the whitelist:


I added as well, just to be safe:

Click “Add” each time.

Once you’re done, your Whitelist page should show the entries you’ve added:

The changes should take effect immediately, but it could be temporarily cached.

Privacy Badger

In general, Scroll should work correctly automatically. You may still run into specific sites you'll have to approve individually due to the way they load Scroll.


Scroll should work correctly automatically.


Scroll should work correctly automatically. 

uBlock Origin

uBlock origin should work correctly automatically, but if it's not working as expected, try this: add @@|| as a filter under Settings > My Filters and then apply. Some sites will still need to be approved individually due to the way they load Scroll. 

Depending on your location, you may have to go to uBlock Origin dashboard -> Filter Lists -> Privacy -> Disable "EasyPrivacy" -> refresh page.


Some ad blockers, such as Privacy Possum, do not provide a way to trust Scroll across the web. We encourage you to contact the developer directly or use a different in ad-blocker, but meanwhile you can also choose to "trust" individual sites in the Scroll network.

Note: If you’re still having problems with any of the above ad blockers, please let us know (support at scroll dot com) so we can stay up to date. Thanks!

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