We’re excited to announce the launch of Firefox Better Web with Scroll, an initiative with Mozilla to bring joy back to browsing the web. Members get to experience the fastest, most private Firefox yet combined with Scroll’s growing network of ad-free sites.

Firefox Better Web with Scroll is a service that improves your reading experience and protects your privacy while funding journalism. Firefox Better Web gives you an ad-free experience on Scroll partner sites.  When used with the Firefox desktop extension, it also blocks trackers. You also get additional tools such as audio versions of articles, offline reading and article sync so you will never lose your place.

The service is available for a very small monthly fee that supports websites you love (see list of publishers that this partnership supports.)

Firefox Better Web works on other browsers too! To get the most privacy, use the Firefox Better Web extension with Firefox desktop; the extension uses Enhanced Tracking Protection technology to block trackers on all sites. 

For more information on how Firefox Better Web works, click to read more

For more about Scroll, please check out our main Knowledge Base.

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