All browsers on your iPhone are required to use Apple's browser engine. Unfortunately, iOS 14’s native ‘cross-site tracking prevention’ might cause unintended side effects inside other browsers, including breaking the part of Scroll that enables an ad-free experience across our network of sites.

You don’t have to switch your browser to Safari for Scroll to work. Luckily, your browser has its own built-in cross-site tracking protection that doesn't break ad-free experiences like Scroll.

If you're experiencing any issues with Scroll in non-Safari browsers in iOS 14, try navigating to your browser's settings (i.e. Firefox) and toggle the setting "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" to off.

That’s it! You’ll still be protected by the browser’s built-in cross-site tracking prevention and you’ll be able to enjoy an ad-free experience across the Scroll network on your iOS device.

New! We're testing an alternative to the approach above using something called DNS to help get you your ad-free experience. Go to General settings, choose VPN & Network, click on DNS and enable Scroll. This should let Scroll work in all of the browsers on your phone.

(A note for technical folks: Scroll does not completely replace your normal DNS, it only intercepts a few key domains.)

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